Barolo Pira Vecchie Viti 2014

€ 252.00
-10%  € 280.00

The Pira vineyard is a historic vineyard of Castiglione Falletto, the central village of the Barolo area.
Owned by the noble family it was connected in the past centuries directly to the castle with a private road.
Pira is exposed to the South East, on the slope of Serralunga and Perno, born from the disintegration of the Rocche. It is a geographic monopoly mention of the Roagna family since 1989.

The youngest plants for this wine date back to 1937, the year in which the last plant was made; the vines are exclusively of mass origin with woods obtained in pruning from this vineyard.

This further selection was born in the mid-2000s, with the idea of producing in a very limited edition the most pronounced expression of the vineyard, making only the oldest plants apart.

  • Packages: Single bottle
  • Regions: Piedmont
  • Countries: Italy
  • Alcohol Content: 14 %
  • Service temperatures: 16/18 °C
  • Ideal moments: Special event
  • Blends: Nebbiolo
  • Certifications: D.O.C.G.
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