Le Macchiole

Messorio 2005 Magnum

€ 410.00
  • Winery: Le Macchiole
  • Wine Style: Red / Toscana
  • Vintage: 2005
  • Packages: Wooden box
  • Regions: Tuscany
  • Countries: Italy
  • Alcohol Content: 14 %
  • Service temperatures: 16/18 °C
  • Ideal moments: Special event
  • Blends: Merlot
  • Certifications: I.G.T.

Messorio, first produced in 1994, Messorio was a personal challenge with one of the most planted varieties in Bolgheri, on the Tuscan coast, and in the world: Merlot. From the start, the idea was to transform the best bunches into an impactful wine with a lot of personality, staying as far away as possible from the more soft, predictable style that is often associated with Merlot and instead making a thoroughbred eager to win the race. The name “messorio” refers to the wheat harvest, one of the most fundamental parts of the agricultural cycle.

The winter season saw rather low temperatures and some snowfall. Excellent weather conditions in spring, with mild temperatures. Warm and sunny weather in June and July, with occasional rainfall, allowing for the veraison process to set in early. August, instead, was quite cold with average temperatures around 24°C and heavy rainfall in mid-August. Some rain in September as well, but the sea breeze dried the bunches up quickly. Owing to the good job done in the vineyards, we harvested ripe and healthy grapes with good polyphenolic potential.

Magnum 1,5lt.

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