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Spirits Whisky

Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage, obtained from the distillation of a fermented must composed of barley and other cereals, malted and not malted, which is subsequently aged in wooden barrels, generally oak.

The most famous is certainly the one produced in Scotland where two profoundly different categories are produced: the most valuable is pure malt whiskey made from the distillation of barley alone in a single distillery. The second, generally more commercial even if there is no lack of premium products, is blended whiskey. This product is obtained by mixing malt whiskeys produced in various distilleries, often mixed with cereal spirits, malted and not.

Following the Irish whiskey, which although excellent, has always enjoyed less commercial expansion than the Scottish cousin.
Irish malts are rounder and softer and have no peat hints.

Finally the American Whiskey, produced with musts that see a dominant presence of corn or rye, due to reasons of territory and tradition. Barley is present but to a lesser extent. The character of the whiskey is dominated by a background softness of corn or more dry and structured tones if rye.

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