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Spirits Aquavit

Aquavit is the collective name for all those spirits made from a plant-origin mash (fruit, grain, wine, sugar cane, potatoes) which is fermented and then distilled to increase the alcohol content. In itself, aquavit is a generic term that on its own, does not mean anything, unless the material from which it was obtained is specified. There are very many types of aquavit. Some simply take their name from the fruit from which it was obtained – and so, for example, we have apricot, apple or pear aquavit. Others have become so traditional and important as to earn an original name – grain aquavit is Whisky, cane sugar aquavit is Rhum, and that made with potatoes, Vodka. Aquavit distilled from wine (without pomace) takes the name Brandy, Cognac or Armagnac. Finally, an aquavit of only pomace is called Grappa.

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