Since 1984, the Enoteca Collovà represents one of the most important national realities in the world of Wine.

Its founder Fortunato Collovà, a professional taster, has been researching and marketing the best Sicilian wines for years, expressing the territory's authentic expressions.

With targeted and important digressions in the best terroirs of Italy and France, the Enoteca offers the most important and renowned labels in the world.

Since 2000, Fortunato and his son Roberto, travel for months through the Champagne region in search of small and excellent wineries which they often buy all the production in order to offer exclusive and nowhere to be found Champagne bottles.

The Enoteca Collovà is part of Vinarius, the Italian Winery Association unique in Italy, established in 1981 with the aim of promoting and enhancing the wine shop as a place where the specialized trade in quality wine is exercised and at the same time to protect the role of the wine shop as a professional and popularizer of wine and the world around it.
To date, the association has about a hundred wineries scattered throughout Italy, and also includes a dozen wine shops on all continents, which give particular emphasis to Italian wine.
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