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Spirits Grappa

Grappa is an aquavit obtained from the distillation of pomace, or the skins of grapes, which in this case are grown and vinified exclusively in Italy. Grappa is the Italian spirit par excellence, and can be named as such only in Italy. Pomace for Grappas is of two kinds: fermented, or obtained after racking and being left to soak in the must, or virgin, fermented immediately after separation from the must. In both cases, the freshness and quality of the raw materials are essential, as is the skill of the master distiller, to whose expert hands, experience and palate are entrusted the task of extracting the “spirit” from a more “solid” and delicate material than wine, as is the case with Brandy and Cognac.

The ageing of Grappa is variable. Grappa which is not aged in wood, and is bottled after a short rest in stainless steel tanks is called «Giovane», or “young”. Grappa which has been aged for at least 12 months in wood can boast the title «Affinata», while Grappa «Invecchiata» has been aged in wooden casks for between 12 and 18 months. Stravecchia or Riserva is aged in wood for more than 18 months.

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