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Coronavirus and Wine: the opinion of Assoenologi

Coronavirus and Wine: the opinion of Assoenologi
18 March 2020

As regards the COVID-19 emergency, numerous requests are received by Assoenologi, from members and other professional categories, relating to various themes, including the contamination of wine, the contamination of packaging, the limiting effects of wine on the action of the virus.

In this regard, with due caution, for the fact that it is a new virus, Assoenologi, after a discussion with important representatives of the medical community, notes the following:
- the survival of the virus in wine appears impossible as the concomitant combination of the presence of alcohol, a hypotonic environment and the presence of polyphenols, prevents the life and multiplication of the virus itself;

- very remote, if not even statistically non-existent, contamination from packaging appears, also in consideration of the short life of the virus and the absence of a potential "biological" living host.

- moderate consumption of wine, linked to responsible drinking, can contribute to a better sanitation of the oral cavity and pharynx, the area where the viruses nest during infections.

The President Riccardo Cotarella

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