15 Mar

The Triple "A" movement: Agricoltori - Artigiani - Artisti

The Manifesto of Triple Wine Producers "A" was conceived and drawn up in 2001 by Luca Gargano and is based on a basic assumption: to get a great wine, each producer needs 3 basic and essential skills summarized in 3A.

A as Agricoltori (Farmers) because only those who directly cultivate the vineyard can establish a correct relationship between man and vine, and obtain a healthy and ripe grape exclusively with natural agronomic interventions.

A as Artigiani (Artisans) because they need "artisan" methods and skills to carry out a wine and wine production process that does not change the original structure of the grape, and does not alter that of wine.

A as Artisti (Artists) because only the "artistic" sensibility of a producer, respectful of his work and his own ideas, can give life to a great wine where the characteristics of the territory and the vine are exalted.

According to the producers who adhere to the Movement most of the wines on the market in the world are standardized, obtained with agronomic and oenological techniques that mortify the imprint of the vine, the incidence of the territory and the personality of the producer.
Standardization has generated similar wines in every corner of the globe, flattened in the organoleptic characteristics and incapable of challenging time.

Since the birth of the movement there has been a renaissance of wine; many new producers were born who, applying the general principles of the Triple "A" protocol, produce good, tasty and healthy wines, and many others have retraced their steps, realizing that the future is in the past and taking up agricultural and cellar methods of their fathers and grandparents.