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What Is Natural Wine?

What Is Natural Wine?
10 March 2020

In Italy, as in the rest of Europe, to date the Natural Wine is not officially recognized, even "Natural Wine" is not a regulated denomination.

There are various stories about the origin of natural wine, but all of them have one thing in common: the refusal of industrial viticulture, the abuse of chemistry, the push on productivity, the manipulation of wine according to a canon imposed from the outside, whether it be consumer taste or expert judgment.

So what are they?
Natural wines are therefore those wines that we could define "according to nature".

Wines made with ethics, culture, passion, which represent in all respects the terroir, the winemaker, the climate, the indigenous yeasts.
Natural wines are unique and always different wines, they are the story of the winemaker and of what his land manages to produce, whose strength probably lies in to always be themselves.

A natural wine comes from a viticulture that excludes all synthetic chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers), treats only with copper and sulfur and is oriented towards low yields. The more biodiversity there is in the vineyard, the more the plants will be in balance and able to protect themselves, the less treatments will be necessary, the more fertile and healthy the soil, the more the grapes harvested will be healthy and quality.

In the absence of certifications, one way to find your way around is to consult the associations of natural winemakers, who have specifications and supervise their members. Some of these are: Vini Veri, VinNatur, Vini di Vignaioli, ViTe, VAN.

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