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1. Masseto Vertical Collection 2011 - 2018 Masseto

Masseto Vertical Collection 2011 - 2018

€ 12,000.00

2011: With the 2011 vintage, Masseto returns to a typically Mediterranean expression of a warm year in the Bolgheri terroir. Yet the overall impression is one of superb balance and measure, notwithstanding the wine’s rich concentration and ripeness. A near-opaque colour greets the eye, followed by explosive aromas of gloriously-ripe wild red berry fruit cosseted by hints of toasty oak and dark chocolate. A full-bodied palate impresses with its deep concentration and opulence, displaying remarkably supple, glossy tannins. Masseto 2011 concludes with a cleanly-de ned vein of crisp acidity, infused with the fruit and spice encountered on the nose.

2012: Masseto 2012 bene ted from another particularly dry, sunny year which, thanks to the rains prior to the harvest, created perfect conditions for the ripening of the Merlot, without excessive heat or dryness and enhanced by the exceptional terroir of the Masseto vineyard. This vintage combines the principal characteristics of a great Masseto: rich and generous but also very fresh and with a rm structure in a wine of great intensity and complexity. Intense in colour, the olfactory impact develops classic notes of red and black fruit, chocolate and liquorice, subtly enhanced by notes of toasted wood. The palate shows well-rounded and full, with a thick, dense tannic texture that boasts rich fruit and spice notes. The nish is prolonged with a lively and vibrant acid vein that closes on a note of intense freshness.

2013: Masseto 2013 is the result of an overall late and fresh climate during the harvesting period. These are particularly favourable conditions for Merlot, which was able to ripen slowly and com- pletely in sunny weather, without excessive heat, which enhanced a full expression of the aromatic quali- ties and perfect ripening of the polyphenolic content. Intense ruby in colour, the nose immediately reveals fully ripe fruitiness endowed with great freshness and complexity, underlined by delicate notes of vanilla and cocoa. On the palate, the wine is substantial and rich, with great density, and a rare tannic quality of silkiness and smoothness. Black fruit aromas are accompanied by a strong note of freshness and a long, elegant nish, which is prolonged with a delicate hint of cocoa.

2014: In a vintage where the quality of the terroir, the patience and rigor of the workers made it possible to achieve full ripening, Masseto 2014 represents a most elegant and re ned expression. Intense in colour the nose immediately reveals complexity and freshness with hints of red berries, sweet spices, and a slight aroma of toasted wood. On the palate silky with a ne, smooth texture, supported by a vibrant fruitiness and a lively acidity, all perfectly integrated. A long, intense nish concludes the tasting.

2015: The regularity of the vintage, along with ideal temperatures during harvest, are re- ected in a classic Masseto, with a perfect balance between a mature, complex, aromatic expression of gre- at freshness and a rare quality of ample, silky and smooth tannins. Dark and intense in colour and rich in aromas with hints of fully ripe red fruit and spicy, balsamic and cocoa notes. In the mouth it becomes sen- sual and rich, with great density and an ample and perfectly smooth tannin. The fruity notes are underlined by the subtle presence of oak - terminating in a fresh and vivid nish with pronounced hints of cocoa.

2016: 2016 represents a textbook vintage for Masseto, with a typical coastal Tuscan clima- te that saw a dry and sunny growing season, abundant sunshine with just enough rain to allow perfect ripe- ning. Particularly intense and young in colour, followed by a nose in which ripe and intense dark fruit blends with subtle notes of cocoa and spices. On the palate it develops a rich and dense frame of ripe and caressing tannins balanced by luscious and vibrant fruit and a vivid acidity that keeps the long nish clean and vibrant.

2017: Masseto 2017 manages to encapsulate all the ripeness and concentration of a particularly sunny and dry vintage.

2018: Masseto 2018 is a wine that perfectly respects its unique terroir and vintage.
A particularly elegant version of Masseto that combines richness and elegance.

Packages Single bottle
Regions Tuscany
Countries Italy
Service temperatures 16/18 °C
Ideal moments Special event
Blends Merlot
Certifications I.G.T.
ID 8048
Producer Masseto
Wine Style Wines / Red / Toscana
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